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                      R. FİLİZ TOPKAYA LAW OFFICE




Our Topkaya Office of Law was founded in year 1989 in Kadıköy Istanbul by R. Filiz Topkaya Attn. at Law.

Ever since our foundation, we have been providing services in proxy to various banks, in addition to legal consulting service to our individual clients we provide number of corporations with the same as well.

Our fields of activity mainly include Trade Law, Foreign Law, Business Law, Debit Law, Real Estate, Succession and Consulting, especially in terms of dispute with regard to Banking Law, trade matters, individual credit and credit cards.

Term “Law” is to be regarded in terms of bringing definition to concepts like Equity, Freedom and Justice in particular, based on universally recognized fundamental rules and norms.

First principal condition, which lies behind the soul of each and every citizen are his/her belief in State and Law should approach, made may happen to have any involvement with “justice anxiety.” As long as this Belief exists, that is the citizen believes everyone is getting equally treatment, which then would give rise to social trust.

Our vision in terms of being an office of law;

is based on gaining belief and trust of our clients, having them convinced that we do our best to protect their rights and security in terms of whatsoever may be required to win the legal battle on their behalf.

Coming up with full solution to legal problems and disputes our clients suffer subject to any legal topic whatsoever, enabling legal rules and procedures applied decently at all levels of justice in terms of both, individuals and corporations constitute our basic intention as Topkaya Office of Law.

Always keeping this in mind we make assessment of our legal knowledge, experience and skills for the sake of providing service to our clients, hence to gain edge in terms of advantage.


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