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Enforcement and Bankrupt Law:

Executive Prosecution,

Sequestration and objection to Cautionary Attachment cases,

Cases regarding freedom from indebtedness (Negative Conclusion) and Restitution for recovering funds already remitted

Cases of objection signature and indebtedness (others, which fall into scope of coverage by courts of enforcement law and executive penalty, Action of replevin.

Banking and Finance Law

Make remark on and provide directions with regard to cases filed by banks and cases filed against as well as executive prosecution, prepare any and all sorts of agreements regarding banking, having such inspected, provide legal comments, to give written and oral comment on special letters of guarantee (Turkish/English), inspect and provide comments on cash debenture case on letters of guarantee, issue text for bills of sale, check upon replies to attachment notice, check documents on establish and abandon of mortgage, make application of any and all sorts of executive prosecution.

Give consulting service on local and international banking law, credit proceeds in terms of individual and corporate banking and international credit, trade and guarantee, individual, residential unit, credit card prosecution as well as collection of receivable values.

Also, to take legal steps in terms of providing solution in utmost manner with regard to disputes that may arise in respect to finance markets.

Trade Law, Business Law, Corporate Law, Incorporation and Take Over of Companies

Agreement, establishment, partnership, insurance, corporation of companies and take over, restructuring, collection of debts, agency bylaws, renting, “franchising” and applications thereof, distribution and license agreements, local and international trade agreements, logistic and shipment agreements, financing equipment and their rental, tangible and intangible asset law, service agreements, interest and welfare of workers and bylaws on unfair competition.

To attempt for settlement, either through negotiation or legal means regarding disputes over consumer bylaws, local and international distribution, “joint venture” agreements, shareholders agreement, guarantee, trade interview and negotiation proceeds, company establishment at free zones as well as their activities.

Foreign Capital Bylaws And International Trade

To represent foreign corporations and investors borne with intention to make investment in Turkey in terms of establishing branch and liaison offices, agency, distributor and formation of related organizations, provide them with knowledge acting on their behalf in order to acquire permit and incitement from State Authorities, also to acquire residence and work permit to foreign citizens.

Civil Law (Family – Individuals – Marriage – Divorce)

Contracted – Contentious Divorce Cases, Alimony case, Legal Case caused by Abolish of Engagement (Gifts recovery, material and moral alimony, etc.), Correction and Amendment of name – surname at Deed and Birth Registers, Age Correction, Majority by court Decision cases, refusal of child, correction and paternity cases, Permission for Adoption cases, guardianship and Trustee cases, permission to marry, cases over abolish of gestation period.

Real Law

Deed Cancel Cases due to Accommodation, Restrict of intervention cases, Title Deed Cancellation and Registration cases, Debit Law, Preemption cases, Right of Way cases, Manse Profits case, Value Increase cases, which involve increase in value of real estate property in terms of their sale and distribution having made through Court means

Debit Law

Personal, Pecuniary and Moral Indemnification cases, Discharge cases, Cases over determination of rental worth and increment, Assessment of site of payment.

To provide consulting service on Law of Tangible and Intangible Assets, Expropriation, Land Planning and Use, Transfer or dispose/sale of real estate property, Mortgage establishment and abolish, Rental Law, Expropriation Cases, Disputes caused by floor easement building permission and arrangement on  administration plans. 

Construction Law

Prepare construction agreement for local and international application; solve disputes that are likely to be caused for financing construction agreements.

Intellectual Property Rights, Brands, Patents, Copyrights

Antitrust and trade arrangements, forgery, European Union Competition Law and Trade Arrangements, Unfair Competition, Copyrights,  Brand, Patent, Industrial Design and Beneficial Models, Consumer Law, Competition Law and Applications, Anti-Damping Bylaws and cases.

Competition Law

To give consulting and prosecution service on Industrial property rights, Competition Law and Anti-Damping Law.

Communications and Media Law, Entertainment and Art, Internet Law and related offenses

Legal consulting service at any degree on Press and Information components and bylaws, Telecommunications Law, License and Arrangements, Satellite Law, TV and other Communication Means and Activities. Music and Visual Arts Law, Broadcast, Filmmaking and Distribution.

Insurance Law

Finding solution to disputes concerning insurance law, general consulting and retirement, health insurance and other insurance types. Establishment of insurance companies.

Environmental Law, Natural Resources Law

Provide legal remarks and prosecution on cases involving obligations and legal claims toward the environment, environmental protection, waste and harmful substances, air and land pollution, mining, metals, petroleum and gasses.

Foundations and Property

Cases regarding and planning on property management, international property, agreements on trust and property, foundation plans.

Business Law

To prosecute all sorts of company business cases, provide consulting service in regard of business law, Union Law and arrangement of warrants.

Law of Descendant’s Estate

To make remark on Estate Management, Estate Cases, Title Deed Diminish and Cancel, Law of Descendant’s Estate, Probation And Transition subjects, prepare statements, stay active in finding solution to disputes, give consulting service over Law of Descendant’s Estate, issue of will.

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